Kristina Mensch

I am a passionate Researcher and Focussing on Body and Consciousness since 15 years. My main interest is the Union between female and male.

This Work i made at Susak Expo 2016 is one of my favorites. It was selected by Expose Art Magazine for the Cover of Edition March 2018.

I am incorporating the process of my experience of reality through the arts in terms of an inner refinement. My Masterpiece is literally my masterthesis in the field of artistic research: The work of love and its transformations.

The work of love and it´s transformations is the Love Story between Günther Metzger and Kristina Mensch. Since 2012 we have been collaborating as MetzgerMensch in the visual arts: Digital Arts / Photography / Graphic Design. More information:

MetzgerMensch at Susak Expo 2018

These pieces and many more will be shown at my upcoming exhibition FeMale at gallery dieschöne in vienna from 30.10.19 until 2.11.19 More information: www.dieschö

Facebook: FeMale – alchemistische Betrachtungen